>Lineups and pitchers for Game 2 against Boston

>CC Sebathia (3-2, 2.89) vs. Josh Beckett (2-1, 1.99)

Yankees 20-16, 13-9 at home
Derek Jeter SS .268
Curtis Granderson CF .275
Mark Teixeira 1B .252
Alex Rodriguez 3B .261
Robinson Cano 2B .285
Russell Martin C .255
Brett Gardner LF .260
Nick Swisher RF .221
Jorge Posada DH .165
Red Sox 18-20, 7-11 on the road
Jacoby Ellsbury CF .295
Dustin Pedroia 2B .239
Adrian Gonzalez 1B .329
Kevin Youkilis 3B .239
David Ortiz DH .292
Jed Lowrie SS .327
Mike Cameron RF .162
Carl Crawford LF .212
Jason Varitek C .154
Joe Girardi made one significant and timely switch, batting Jorge Posada ninth in the order.  The reason this is so significant is because he is hitting only .165.  It had also been exactly 12 years to the day since he last hit ninth.  Swisher and Posada had been batting sixth and seventh in the order, and it makes sense that they are now at the bottom because of their obvious struggles at the plate. Even though Posada might be a future Hall of Famer he should continue batting ninth until he can put a hitting streak together.  If Posada can bounce back and hit anything like he did in 2009 he can move back to the seventh spot, but for now hitting last makes sense.  Having Gardner and Martin closer to the top of the lineup will hopefully increase the success rate that the Yankees score with runners in scoring position.  Sebathia also looks to improve on his two shaky starts from the last road trip.    

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