>Yankees need to score runs for their ace


In the first game against the Boston Red Sox on Friday night the Yankees troubling patterns continued which prevented them from winning the game.  They ended up losing 5-4 in a game they should have been able to win based on a strong start by Bartolo Colon. 
In the seventh inning with the game still tied Robinson Cano had the chance to convert a double play he bobbled the throw to first.  He never got the throw off and if he did Kevin Youkilis might have never hit his two run home run to make the score 5-2.  Little miscues like that go a long way towards winning or losing  and if he would have finished off the double play it is likely that Joba Chamberlain does not give up that home run. 
The Yankees ended up having some success against the Red Sox bullpen scoring one run off of Daniel Bard and Jonathan Papelbon but they could not capitalize effectively with runners in scoring position, once again.  The offense left eight runners on base and Nick Swisher, Jorge Posada and Mark Teixeira need to start to produce for the Yankees to win.  Curtis Granderson has proven to be a clutch hitter and has completely turned it around since last August but the rest of the lineup needs to do the same. 
Chamberlain can partly be blamed for this loss, but his two earned runs were the first runs that he has given up after having gone six scoreless innings.  He should not have allowed the home run but the offense is more at fault for this loss.  They spoiled yet another solid pitching performance by a starting pitcher.  This loss hurts even more because the Yankees are now 1-3 against the Red Sox who are only three games behind them in the standings, at this point. 
It is important that the Yankees win the next two games so that they can salvage a split in this six game home-stand.  They want to win as many games as possible against the Red Sox because this will likely be a three way race between the Rays, Red Sox and Yankees.     
Tonight, in a game televised on FOX, at 7:10, CC Sebathia will look to outduel Josh Beckett this time.  Earlier in the season, the Red Sox ace got the upper hand, so hopefully Sebathia can help give the Yankees a much needed win.  The offense will hopefully find a way to play small ball, as well as hit the ball out of the park, and get hits with runners in scoring position, in order to give CC his fourth win of the campaign.   

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