Yankees look to win the series against Toronto and keep Reyes winless

Freddy Garcia (2-4, 3.12, 1.29 WHIP) against Jo-Jo Reyes (0-3, 4.07, 1.50 WHIP)
Yankees 26-21 (16-13 at home)
Derek Jeter SS .254
Curtis Granderson CF .275
Mark Teixeira 1B .254
Alex Rodriguez DH .288
Robinson Cano 2B .279
Russell Martin C .270
Nick Swisher RF .208
Andruw Jones LF .191
Eduardo Nunez 3B .278
Blue Jays 24-24 (13-13 on the road)
Yunel Escobar SS .285
Corey Patterson LF .270
Jose Bautista RF .343
Juan Rivera 1B .235
Jose Molina C .314
Aaron Hill 2B .242
Eric Thames DH .250
Rajai Davis CF .259
Jayson Nix 3B .186
The Yankees, who are in first place, will try to win the rubber game against the Blue Jays who are only 2.5 games behind.  After losing six in a row to the Royals, Red Sox and Rays the Yankees are in position to win three series in a row and have won six out of their last eight games.
After coming up with a pinch-hit one-out double in the ninth inning, Jorge Posada gets the matinee game off.  Alex Rodriguez will replace him as the DH.  The day off makes sense and it seems like it will be a pattern when facing a lefty because Posada has zero hits off of southpaws so far.
Mark Teixeira was the hero last night, and was rewarded with only the second pie curtesy of A.J Burnett of the season.  He drove in Granderson, who had previously stolen second, for the winning run.  However, coming into the game last night, the Yankees were 1-18 when trailing after eight innings, so hopefully they will be able to continue this magic.
Jo-Jo Reyes will try to avoid joining exclusive company because if he gets the loss he will match the major league record for consecutive starts without a win.  The Yankees also try and snap their funk of not hitting against a pitcher that they have never faced before. Something has to give.
In Garcia’s last start he pitched effectively, only allowing two runs in seven innings, but he came away with the loss because of a lack of run support.  Reyes last pitched against the Astros, and he did not give up any runs in his seven innings so his lack of wins is not entirely his fault.
Hopefully the Yankees can take advantage of not facing a pitcher like Ricky Romero, who only allowed one run last night and is one of the best pitchers in baseball.  It will also be key for Garcia, and the relief pitchers, to limit Jose Bautista’s production, like last night when he was 0 for 4.  Nobody else in the Blue Jays lineup is hitting with much power.

One comment

  1. toosoxy

    I am such a Toronto fan today…
    Jose Bautista has been doing some great stuff…
    But you’re right when you say no one else in the lineup is hitting with power…
    Can’t rely one bat…

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