David Robertson: Performing in the Bronx and in Alabama

David Robertson can be praised for his recent effort off and on the playing field.  He has been pitching well  and recently has set up a foundation to help the people of his home state.
So far this season, he has been one of the best relief pitches on the staff.  Over his last five innings, spanning six appearances, he has not allowed an earned run and has only given up two hits.  In addition, Robertson has struck out 10 batters in that time period, proving to be a very effective option out of the bullpen.  On the season, he has accumulated 30 strike outs.
Robertson has not given up any home runs this year which is always a positive but his only weakness is that he needs to cut down on his walks. If his propensity to put runners on base via the walk continues it could come back to hurt him.  He has thrown 19 innings so far and his 15 walks averages out to almost a walk an inning.  As a result of his high walk total, his WHIP of 1.58 is actually higher than his outstanding 1.42 ERA.
In recent interviews he has made it known that he is aware of this issue and is trying to improve his lack of control.  However, this is not of great concern because he is not allowing many of his walks to score based on the fact that he has only allowed three earned runs.  In a strange contrast he is allowing a higher Batting Average Against at home but has given up all of his runs on the road.
His is making a name for himself as a critical member of the bullpen along with Joba Chamberlain and Mariano Rivera, since Rafael Soriano is on the disabled list, but is also finding time to help the people of Tuscaloosa during their time of need.
Robertson and his wife Erin have set up the High Socks for Hope fund “to help those affected most by the devastating tornadoes that hit David’s hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama”.  At least 32 people died and it is estimated that there were winds between 167 and 200 mph.
The Yankees had an off day on Thursday so he was able to fly down to Tuscaloosa to observe the circumstances first-hand.  He spoke with leaders of the community to see how he could best be of service.
This is commendable because he is not just helping from afar but made an effort to travel down to Alabama before meeting up with the team before the game in Seattle Friday night. “It’s kind of weird to know that everything you’re used to seeing isn’t there anymore.  I’m really nervous to see how bad it is” Robertson said.  It is great that he is trying to make a difference for people that really need it.
It has also been announced that for every strikeout that records he will donate $100 to the David and Erin Robertson fund.  At the rate that he is going, that will add up to a sizable sum of money.  The website for his foundation is www.highsocksforhope.com
He is performing on and off the playing field, and hopefully he will be able to restore some of what he was used to seeing growing up.

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