Game 2: Yankees vs Mariners

Ivan Nova (4-3, 4.29, 1.55 WHIP) battles ace Felix Hernandez (5-4, 3.01, 1.09 WHIP)
Yankees 27-22 (10-9 on the road)
Derek Jeter SS .254
Curtis Granderson CF .277
Mark Teixeira 1B .258
Alex Rodriguez 3B .288
Robinson Cano 2B .273
Russell Martin C .261
Jorge Posada DH .178
Nick Swisher RF .206
Brett Gardner LF .262
Mariners 25-25 (12-12 at home)
Ichiro Suzuki RF .285
Luis Rodriguez 3B .180
Justin Smoak 1B.258
Jack Cust DH .233
Franklin Gutierrez CF .200
Adam Kennedy 2B .280
Miguel Olivo C .231
Carlos Peguero LF .196
Brendan Ryan SS .261
Tonight the Yankees will send out the same exact lineup as last night in hopes that they will catch lightning in a bottle.  Since they are facing “King Felix” there strategy of making the starter throw as many pitches as possible should be the same as last night, but they will have to make a point of scoring runs off of the bullpen.
Luckily the Mariners offense is weak, so Nova should be able to pick up his third quality start in a row.  In Nova’s last six starts he has a very respectable 2.83 ERA. 
David Robertson and Mariano Rivera continue to be the only true consistent options out of the bullpen.  Lance Pendleton has also been perfect so far but that has come in limited usage.  Whoever pitches in relief tonight will have to perform better than Luis Ayala and Boone Logan did last night.  They each gave up one earned run, which spoiled A.J. Burnett’s solid start. 
It would be ideal if Nova could pitch seven innings, and then Robertson and Rivera could close out the game for the Yankees.  The Yankees had three stolen bases last night so they will need to be able to play small ball and continue to swipe some bases tonight.  Some more home runs surely will not hurt as well.

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