Recap of the Yankees sweep over the Athletics, sparked by Nick Swisher

After the Yankees 4-2 victory over the Oakland Athletics they were able to pick up their fourth win in a row, as well as a sweep of the Athletics.  An integral part of the Yankees win was A.J. Burnett only allowing three hits and two runs in seven innings, in turn recording the team’s fourth quality start in a row.
This is the third consecutive start that Burnett pitched well, and he now has a record of 6-3, with a 3.99 ERA and 1.24 WHIP.  At this time last season Burnett started to go downhill so we will see if he will be able to be consistent and continue pitching like he has so far.  Control has always been an issue for Burnett but during this game he allowed three walks so that helped him stay on track.
The most memorable at bat of the game was also the one that most directly lead to the Yankees victory.  Nick Swisher ended up hitting a three run home run, scoring Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano, but it was what lead up to the home run that was somewhat comical.  Swisher ended up attempting to bunt twice based on a missed sign from the third base coach.  However, he was able to make up for it with a vengeance since he got a fastball that he was able to drive out of the park.  He is now on a modest six game hitting streak, which is a sign of progress for him, but he has had one hit in each of these games (two of those hits have been home runs.)
With the double that Derek Jeter hit he extended his personal hitting streak to seven games, and now has 2,984 career hits.  It seems likely that he will be able to join the 3,000 hit club at the end of the next road trip or at home against the Rockies.  If he is at about 2.998 near the end of the series in Cincinnati it would make sense to sit him for the last game so that he can break the record in the Bronx.
This is quite impressive because it means that Jeter has averaged 200 hits during a 15 season span, and now Yankee has ever reached 3,000 hits.  Only 27 players have all-time and he Jeter has a realistic chance of passing Rickey Henderson, who sits at 20th place, this season.
The Yankees have owned the Athletics having won 23 of their past 26 games against the team from the Bay Area.  They came into the series facing the Athletics three best pitchers, and three of the best starters in the American League, but the offense was finally up to the challenge.  Too many runners are still being left on base but they were able to steal seven bases during the series against Oakland, and Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeria and Nick Swisher are turning it around at the right time.
After defeating the impressive trio of Trevor Cahill, Brett Anderson and Gio Gonzalez they should be ready for the Angels, who are third in the American League in team ERA.  They have Thursday off before playing in Anaheim on Friday night, which will be their last stop on the three city west coast trip.  After the Yankees defeated the Athletics on Wednesday, and the Red Sox and Rays both lost, they are now in first place by 2.0 and 2.5 games, respectively.

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