Yankees rookies pull off Milli Vanilli, Madonna, Slash, Prince, George Michael and MC Hammer

Rookie hazing after the 6-2 loss to the Rays

The Yankees were able to have some fun at the rookies’ expense as they moved one step closer to eliminating the Red Sox from the playoffs after losing to the Rays.  After the 6-2 loss, combined with the Boston’s 6-3 loss to the Orioles, who are playoff baseball while finding themselves in last place, the Rays and Red Sox are tied a top the Wild Card standings.

The two on the left are starters who are pitching out of the bullpen now, Andrew Brackman and Dellin Betances (from Brooklyn), who have the height of basketball centers, as they are 6’10 and 6’8, respectively.  They are both supposed to be Milli Vanilli.  They likely will not play a role for the Yankees in the playoffs as they don’t have enough experience but they could be vital cogs for the team in the future.

Jesus Montero (.351), who has been one of the best hitters in baseball since coming up to the Show on September 1st, is the character second from the right as he is supposed to be MC Hammer.  The other catcher in this picture, who is third from the right is the one known for his defense, Austin Romine.  Romine is supposed to be Madonna and I am sure his costume gave the most laughs to the Yankees veterans.

These two catchers could both play important roles in the playoffs as Montero should be the starting Designated Hitter with Jorge Posada getting pinch hit at-bats, and Romine will likely be the back-up catcher to Russell Martin as a result of Francisco Cervelli’s concussion.

The player in the center of the picture is Hector Noesi, who got the start on Monday, but has mainly pitched out of the bullpen this season.  He is Prince in this picture and pulls it off well.  Brandon Laird is third from left, and he is dressed up as Slash. George Kontos, the right-handed relief pitcher, is George Michael.

Noesi, Laird and Kontos will not play prominent roles in the playoffs but Noesi could make a few appearances.

The Yankees picked a perfect time to have the rookies dress up in costume and they were especially creative this season.  Bartolo Colon  pitches tonight as there are only two games remaining to see who will be the Wild Card, but with the help of Baltimore there is a great chance that the Red Sox will make their historic collapse.


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