The Yankees will need to utilize their speed in 2013


Without Nick Swisher and Russell Martin, the Yankees will need to utilize a more team oriented approach because they will be without two power hitters.

Since the Yankees never intended to bring back Swisher, which is understandable, they will need a full season out of Brett Gardner, who will be healthy once again. As of now, the Yankees offense outfield will be different than ones in recent memory because Curtis Granderson, Brett Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki all have the potential of stealing more than 25 bases.

The Yankees will have to return to the way that they played while Joe Torre was the coach in the late 1990s. A different player stepped up every game and they were not as reliant on the home run.

If they do this it does not mean that they will win the World Series next season like they did in a four out of five year stretch, but being a boom or bust offense has not worked the last three seasons.

The Yankees will still have Mark Teixiera, Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson in the middle of the lineup. They should all be able to hit more than 25 homers, and Derek Jeter could hit 20 homers out of the two hole and steal 20 bases if he can continue at last year’s rate.

There have been rumors of a Curtis Granderson trade, but as of now the outfield will be Ichiro, Granderson and Gardner. That offense could work, but Ichiro will need to increase his power a little, which he is capable of doing.

However, a benefit is that the way that the outfield is currently constituted will mean that the defense will be better than last season because they will have Ichrio for the whole season and Gardner is a better and smarter outfielder than Swisher.

As I previously posted, the decision that will most hurt the 2013 NY Yankees will be not bringing back Russell Martin. They could have decreased the impact of this decision by signing the veteran catcher, A.J. Pierzynski. He ended up signing with the Texas Rangers for one-year, 7.5 million, which the Yankees certainly could have offered.

It was reported that they had no interest in Pierzynski, who is one of the most durable catchers. He hit a career high 27 homers last season, which would have made Yankee fans think back to Jorge Posada.

The Yankees are now left with likely seeing either Austin Romine or Francisco Cervelli start the season at catcher. They are both defensive minded backstops, which seems like it will be theme for the 2013 Yankees, since they have not been willing to spend on free agents.

Romine’s positives include being the highest regarded young catching prospect, being reliable behind the plate, while showing the ability to limit his strikeouts and throw out a high percentage of potential base stealers.

You can’t say that the Yankees will be better than last year, but with luck they could be just as good. That is all of the veterans need to perform like they are capable of and they will need to have a dominant bullpen.


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