Alex Rodriguez’s time as a Yankee should be finished


It was recently reported that Alex Rodriguez (A-Fraud) has been linked anew to prohibited drugs. He has denied being linked to the clinic in Miami, but evidence from the Miami New Times suggest otherwise. He is already on the disabled until possibly the end of the 2013 season, so if this turns out to be correct, A-Rod’s up and down career as a Yankee should be over.

A-Rod can be given somewhat of a pass from for his admission of taking banned substances from 2001-2003 since that was in the middle of “steroid era” but to do so once again is unacceptable. This was also during the time period before MLB players were being tested for steroids.

This brings us to the obstacle that the Yankees will find themselves in when A-Rod becomes healthy while recovering from his hip surgery. He is under contract until 2017, and has $114 million left on his deal, but General Manager Brian Cashman is prudently looking into voiding the contract.

The Yankees are looking into whether A-Rod “breached his contract by taking medical treatment from an outside doctor without the team’s authorization” as stated by an industry source.

His stats are clearly in decline and he has proven to be a fraud over the years. He is a fraud because it has been proven that his denials in the past were false. It also seems like his HGH usage might have led to his injuries the past two years.

A-Rod’s stats are clearly declining. He hit .276 and .272 the last two seasons. He also only drove in 57 runs last season, which is his career low as a full-time player. It makes sense that his stats would be declining, but the Yankees are better off starting with a young 3B since A-Rod will be 39 in July of the 2014 campaign. Nobody knows how A-Rod will be able to perform after recovering from his surgery and it is not worth the mystery at this point.

It is definitely the right idea for Cashman to continue exploring all options in terms find ways to void Rodriguez’s contract. The Yankees are apparently looking at “20 different things” so it seems that they are serious about getting rid of a player who has hurt the integrity of the game twice.

Finally, another sign that points to A-Rod having played his last game as a Yankee in the 2012 playoffs, where he did not contribute, is that 66 percent of votes of a SportsNation poll on ESPN believe that he will not play for the Yankees again.


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