The Yankees win a game in Anaheim to end the losing streak

Brett Gardner

Brett Gardner

The Yankees were able to finish their west coast trip on somewhat of a good note as they beat the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, 6-5, on Sunday. However, they ended up losing five out of their last six games combined in Oakland and Anaheim.

The offense is struggling as it has not in recent times as they only scored four or more runs four times during the 10-game west coast trip. In the last two games against Oakland and the first two against Anaheim the bats only scored two runs in each of those games.

This can partly be blamed on Kevin Youkilis not hitting and going back on the disabled list combining with Mark Teixeira not getting a hit in his last 12 at bats and only having eight hits in 53 at bats (.151) since coming off of the disabled list. The team is not saying that he will be out for a few days with an inflamed wrist.

Another factor that is holding back the offensive output is that as of Sunday the Yankees lineup had four players batting less than .250. Reid Brignac, who is playing shortstop as a result of the injuries to Eduardo Nunez and Derek Jeter, has a .100 average. Lyle Overbay, who had a strong start to the season, has a .240 average. Vernon Wells and Travis Hafner, who both had hot starts to the season, have a .230 and .221 average, respectively.

The only players who have really been hitting well recently are Brett Gardner and Robinson Cano. Brett Gardner, who was the AL Player of the Week last week, has hits in six out of the past seven games, and has multiple hits in four of those games. He has also contributed to stolen bases and five runs scored. Robinson Cano has hits in five out of the past six games with one homer during the Oakland series.

Hopefully Travis Hafner’s much needed three-run homer on Sunday is a sign that he is over his slump. The Yankees need another batter to hit for power in their lineup. He has 11 homers on the season, but before yesterday’s game Hafner had gone 23 at bats without a hit.

In Sunday’s victory, CC Sabathia picked up his seventh win of the season after allowing only two runs in eight innings pitched. He had eight strikeouts during the game. However, the game was came down to the ninth inning because the combo of David Robertson and Mariano Rivera struggled like they rarely do.

Robertson, who had a 2.30 ERA coming into the game, allowed two runs, and Rivera allowed a run as the Yankees were lucky to escape with the win.

The Yankees, who are in a three way tie for the Wild-Card, will start a two-game series against the underwhelming Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday. They are managed by Don Mattingly, who had his number 23 retired by the Yankees after his stellar career. He is one of 16 former Yankees who have had their number retired., Unfortunately, he played for the Yankees when they were not have a lot of talent and were just getting got when he retired, which resulted in him not making it to the playoffs.


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