The Yankees will look to win the series against Tampa after losing their first three of the season

Carlos Beltran hitting during a game at Yankee Stadium.

Carlos Beltran hitting during a game at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees had an off day on Thursday before continuing their road trip. Their final seven games of their road trip will be against the Tampa Bay Rays and Detroit Tigers.

To begin the season they have lost two of their three games in each of their first three series, which means that they have lost their first three series of the season to AL East opponents.

“It’s frustrating,” Girardi said. “It’s not the way you want to start. We get an off day (on Thursday), and we need to turn it around. Obviously we need to start winning series, or it becomes a long year.”

During Wednesday’s game, Nathan Eovaldi pitched five innings while allowing two runs, eight hits, three walks and a homer to Manny Machado. It was an improvement on his first start since he had nine strikeouts against the Orioles on Wednesday and allowed two runs but allowed three earned runs and only had one strikeout against the Boston Red Sox.

Eovaldi will still want to limit the hits that he allows since eight are too many. However, it is a positive sign that he was able to collect nine strikeouts since that means he was living up to what he is capable of doing. He is the No. 4 starter in the rotation right now, but based on Eovaldi’s stuff and velocity he has the ability to be a No. 3 or No. 2 starter.

Carlos Beltran doubled to deep right center in the third inning to score Jacoby Ellsbury and Chase Headley. Beltran could be coming out of his slump as he now has three RBIs and two extra-base hits in his last two games. However, he should move lower in the lineup if his average doesn’t improve soon as he is only hitting .171.

In the fourth inning, Alex Rodriguez hit a towering 433-foot homer to left to give a Yankees a 3-1 lead. His 656th homer of his career was the 13th-furtherst hit ball in the majors this season.

In the eighth inning, the Yankees added two more runs but they weren’t enough to tie the game. Brian McCann hit a sac fly to center to score Headley and move Mark Teixiera to third, and then Teixeira scored on Tommy Hunter’s wild pitch while Rodriguez was batting to make the score 7-5.

The Yankees lost this game because of their bullpen, which as of now is the strongest and deepest unit on the team. Besides this game it has been more reliable than the offense, starting pitching and defense. David Carpenter and Justin Wilson, who had pitched well previously this season, allowed a total of five earned runs in the sixth inning. Carpenter allowed three runs while only recording one out and Wilson surrendered two runs off of two outs while not getting an out.

Baltimore scored two other runs in the fourth and first innings respectively. The homer that Machado hit was his first of the season.

The Yankees can’t seem to have their offense, defense, starting pitching and bullpen all perform well during the same game. They would have won this game if Carpenter had performed like he had in the games prior to this one. This series that they have coming up against the Rays (6-4) is close to a must win one because they don’t want to have a 4-8 record going into the series against the surging Tigers (8-1).

Adam Warren will get his second start of the season during the 7:10 p.m. game and Nathan Karns (1-1, 4.97 ERA) will get his third start of the season for the Rays. Warren had an encouraging first start of the season as he allowed only one earned run and five hits (two overall) in his 5.1 innings pitched. This was his first start since the 2013 season when he made two. Warren will want to be more economical with his pitches since he threw 98 pitches in only 5.1 innings.


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