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What I am thankful for and what I regret (at the bottom)

I am very thankful for everybody that I know and everything that I have experienced and have in my life.  I might not have everything I want, three things are missing (a prize goes out to anybody who can guess), but I am very grateful for what I do have now.

Thanksgiving is a day for family, friends, football and food.  It is also a day to give thanks.

Many people have made an impact on my life and I am extremely thankful for that.  For those that I am in contact with, I hope it continues, but those that I am not, I look forward to the next time.

I am thankful to my family for being there throughout the years and all the times we have been together.  It has been awesome to have that support system and I could not ask for a better one.  I have so many memories of being with various relatives when I was little that I will always remember.

It has also been great to share with you the events that have happened in my life the past few years.  I would say that I have definitely changed a little since I was a teenager, for the better I guess.

I am obviously thankful for my parents for being there for me throughout the years and trying to help me in so many ways.  I am thankful to have their support since not everybody does, from their parents, or is in contact with them.

Thank you to the friends that I have known throughout the years and the friends I have now.  You have all touched me in various ways and I am thankful for that.  Thank you for making me laugh when I needed to laugh and being there for me when I needed somebody to be there. Thanks to everybody from Alfred for making my college experience a memorable one.  I had my ups and downs, but I have to say, it was a positive experience.

Thank you very much to the friends I have made through Team in Training.  Your support during the training was awesome and it has been a blast getting to know so many of you. I had an injury, but you helped me get through it (Finish Line helped also). I am thrilled that I joined and I look forward to my future races and the future experiences.  Cheering people on and celebrating the hard work they put in was awe-inspiring.

I now appreciate Dizzy’s more than I did before I joined.  All of the training runs around the city were creative and I enjoyed running in places that I had only walked before.  Also, I can’t forget the hot fudge (among other experiences) from the awesome trip to DC .  The woman at the register probably has a story to remember, but might think I was not all there.

On the other hand, it felt good to raise money for cancer patients/research and it was inspiring to hear other peoples stories about how Leukemia/Lymphoma had touched their lives, as well as the amount of money some people raised.

Now, I will describe the regretful/sad part of this day for me.  This is my first Thanksgiving in probably10 years without my cousin, Dylan.  I miss him very much.  He was only about six-months older than I am and unfortunately he is not here anymore.

I wish I would have spoken to him more often before he passed away.  Unfortunately, that was not the case, but I will remember how talented he was and how much he cared for people.  He was enthusiastic about all of his passions and was never afraid to try something new, which I am trying to take from him.  We might not have been exactly alike, but we definitely connected. I got a lot out of seeing his enormous whale tusk sculpture that was displayed on the Hartwick campus, in Oneonta, New York (near Albany for people who don’t know upstate).

Still on the theme of Hartwick, I am thankful that Dylan took time out to see me when I was on the campus on a road-trip with Alfred University.  He probably had a project to work on but he made time to see me before it was time to board the bus.

Among many memories of him, I will always remember how he drove me up to Oneonta, in the Summer of 2010, had me stay in his little apartment, to help me try and get my license.  I did not get it at that point but that is besides the point.  I enjoyed experiencing first-hand what his life was like in Oneonta.  He cared very much about my interests and I enjoyed all the time I got to spend with him as well as when we talked on the phone.  I always liked how he would enthusiastically greet me when he saw me.

He was persistent, would work arduously for what he wanted and had many other good qualities that I try and take from him.  This teaches me to get the most of each day that I can.  He definitely impacted a lot of people and I hope to as well.

Thank you everybody.  Have a happy Thanksgiving.